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School's Out!

Getting Started

School’s out for the summer! Now is the ideal time to start orthodontic treatment. Don’t worry about removing your child from the classroom for the initial scan, installation and check-ins. Let your child get comfortable with life with braces or Invisalign® during the two and a half months of summer vacation!

The first step to your new smile is a complimentary consultation. It’s a great opportunity to meet Dr. Maginnis, find out what treatment for your child would entail and learn about your options. All necessary records are included at no charge and if you decide to start treatment, we have payment options to fit every budget.

What Age is the “Right” Age?

We encourage parents to schedule a child's initial orthodontic exam as early as age 7. With early treatment, we can take the least invasive approach to address skeletal issues that, left unchecked, may require more invasive approaches in the future.

However, in many cases, we recommend putting off treatment until the child has all of his or her adult teeth. The best range of ages, and most common times, for a child to begin orthodontic treatment is between the ages of 11 and 15. By 12, most, if not all, of the permanent teeth are in place, and crooked teeth, gaps and bad bites are easy to identify. A lot of our preteen patients are excited to get braces. In fact, it has kind of become a cultural rite of passage.

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